Family and children are the classical values for any Russian woman. Make sure in this by yourself

What is she like – an ideal Russian wife? Read this article, probably you will find an answer to your question here.

Kitchen is another stronger point of Slavic brides. What is she like, a Russian woman in the kitchen?

A Russian girl in bed. What is sex and bed for a bride from Russia?


Let’s start with the fact that Kiev girls are very beautiful. Not all of them, of course, but an overwhelming majority, it’s a fact. Men from Kiev have already got used to this circumstance, while foreigners often lose their speech power having come to the Ukrainian capital. And when they come around and try to establish a verbal contact with Kiev girls it becomes clear that they speak English badly almost without exception.

If a girl in a nightclub can speak good English there are high chances that she’s a prostitute. Prostitutes here are also beautiful, but it’s a different story.

Kiev girls aren’t so defiantly bright as Odessa ones and aren‘t so pastorally romantic as Lvov ones. They are various, but there are some common features. They can drink twenty cups of latte a day, a dozens of cocktails during one evening and sing thirty songs in karaoke during a night. And next morning they can run five miles of at last make a post of it in Facebook.

When Kiev girls are bored they invent fashionable professions like a stylist, a beauty consultant, a coffee house observer or a designer of beaded cases for selfie sticks. Some ladies still have to work in offices or in banks and their friends pity them very much because of that – those who are stylists or beauty consultants.

Nearly every girl in Kiev likes to demonstrate her independence after you pay in a restaurant for her. Besides, in Ukrainian capital every young lady can also be cynical and romantic as well as fantastic and pragmatic. She can be cynical in Facebook, romantic in Viber, fantastic in Instagram and pragmatic in her real life. When Kiev girls collect in a group of two or three they are sure to make photos of each other. They make about two hundreds of pictures and invent a new position or facial expression and start taking photos again. That’s why a new fashionable restaurant is being built in Kiev, first of all they make a place for selfie and they attach all the rest to it.

Surely, young women from Kiev follow fashion attentively. They would never go on a picnic if they don’t have bright trainers, jeans with high waist, a hat and a bottle of prosecco. They must also have a set of sunglasses of ten pairs: for beach, for a party, for a beach party, for shopping, for a business meeting with a close friend, for a meeting with an envious friend, for a date with an ex, for a date with a future boyfriend and one more pair for any case. At the same time Kiev girls are sure to have nothing to wear – her clothes always need an urgent updating…

In general, brides from Kiev are beautiful, feminine, sexy, smart, pragmatic, and somewhat strange…
Their beauty is unquestionable, one can feel it at once, but you should get used to their lifestyle and style of thinking… Sometimes you may need much time for this.