Foreign men don’t look for something extraordinary in Russian women. They look just for the thing that practically every woman is able to give them.
Real feelings first.
Men want not just to love but to be loved. Love is something that a vast majority of men are not ready to give up.
‘Democratic’ beauty
An American concept of beauty is rather an absence of being ugly than a presence of standards of the ‘Miss Ukraine’ or ‘Miss Russia’ contest.
Practically all 99% of Slavic women, attractive by their nature and taking good care of themselves, dressed in style, correspond to a western concept of a word ‘beautiful’.
Real femininity
Absolutely all men searching for a wife in Russia want her first to be feminine. It’s one of the main reasons why they pay their attention to eastern European women.
Fit means a good shape
It’s of no little importance that a girl from Russia is in a good shape (‘fit’). In Russia a vast majority of women still walk on foot and a quick walking (‘brisk walking’) is a perfect aerobic exercise.

Western concept of an educated person means a presence of at least secondary education (English ‘high school’ means the higher forms). In Russia and Ukraine a high school means at least 4 years of study in an institute or a university. Herefrom comes an ability to a non-standard thinking, wit and intellect taken rolled into one English word ‘smart’.
A good character
Kind, honest, careful, fair, faithful, loving, tender, affectionate, friendly – these character traits are present in practically every Russian or Ukrainian woman, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on mood, tiredness or nervousness. For Slavic women it’s not hard at all to be kind and affectionate with a decent, faithful or loving husband who at the same time earns well and helps about the house.
It is very prestigious to take a young and beautiful wife from Russia. The older a man is the bigger age difference tempts him, so a man’s psychology is arranged. Russian women treat marriages where a man is 5-10-15 years older than she is quite easily. Adapted from the site