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Ukrainian natives are representatives of East-European folk which is one of the most numerous among Slavs. Much has been said about Ukrainian girls being one of the most beautiful. Their beauty is acknowledged by Ukrainian men as well as by representatives of foreign countries. Slavic beauty is special and it is world-famous. Ukrainian girls are beautiful, kind, attentive, hard-working. There is no wonder that in Europe a tendency to choose a Slavic woman for a wife is so widespread. (a-goodwife) Moreover, women from Ukraine are perfect mothers and homemakers.
Who are they, the best from the best among Ukrainian girls? For example, in 2013 a girl from Vinnitsa Olga Storozhenko, a bright brunette with green and brown eyes got the ‘Miss Universe’ title. She will present Ukraine on the ‘Miss Universe’ contest.
Anna Zayachkovskaya who presented Ivon-Frankovsk became another winner of ‘Miss Ukraine 2013’ beauty contest. She is a beautiful chestnut with bright eyes.
Olesa Stefanko presented Ukraine very worthily on ‘Miss Universe 2011’ beauty contest, where she became the first vice-miss.

The most beautiful celebrities in Ukraine.
There are several representatives who can be chosen among beautiful and famous Ukrainian women. A very slim and fragile blonde Snezhana Onopko who became a model of international level and worked with leading world brands.
It’s impossible not to pay attention at the singer Ani Lorak who became the most beautiful woman of Ukraine twice according to ‘Viva!’ magazine’s version. A singer Tina Carol has also deserved this prize twice. These two types are completely different (a brunette and a blonde one), but both are equally beautiful.
A hot brunette, a singer Nastya Kamenskih can’t leave any man cold. A Ukrainian TV presenter Oxana Marchenko possesses a more mature, well-formed woman’s beauty.
It’s impossible to forget a singer Zlata Ognevich if you have seen her just once. She has dark hair and brown eyes.
Naturally, here is also a well-known friend of Bond, Olga Kurilenko. She is from Berdyansk. Olga conquered fashionable podiums and is shot successfully in modern movies.
Ukrainians are a very talented and beautiful nation, and their women delight the eye of men from the whole world.

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