Family and children are the classical values for any Russian woman. Make sure in this by yourself

What is she like – an ideal Russian wife? Read this article, probably you will find an answer to your question here.

Kitchen is another stronger point of Slavic brides. What is she like, a Russian woman in the kitchen?

A Russian girl in bed. What is sex and bed for a bride from Russia?


Many lonely men dream of a Slavic wife. There’s no wonder, as these girls are not just beautiful and clever, but they also treat their husbands respectfully and always pay attention to their opinions, as they are brought up in such a way since their childhood. Such a definition is given by men who know what a Slavic bride is. What do they say about sex with Russian and Ukrainian girls? We thoroughly studied opinions of our dating agency’s clients, and on this basis we made up a top five of advantages and drawbacks of sex with Russian and Ukrainian ladies. We offer you to get acquainted with it, as a food for thought and action.
‘Spicy’ is a definition given to Russian women by an American who has been living in Moscow for already seven years. ‘Spicy’, ‘hot’ and even ‘improper’ – there are many variants and every definition is right. Men think that Russian girls always dress specially for men, that’s why it’s easy to explain why they wear high heels in offices and a bright make-up even on a beach. However, it is also affected by their hot spirit realized in bed through long and often very original preludes and a wonderful sex after which all their braveness and fantasy is shown.

Men of all nationalities also see passion in Ukrainian girls. If your girlfriend has already decided for sex, be sure that she will give herself up to it without any ‘buts’. However, there are some ‘national peculiarities’. If a girl looks calm and even a bit boring, it doesn’t mean at all she’ll stay the same calm in bed. Rather the opposite, the more reserved she is dressed and the less bright her make-up is, the more passionate your girlfriend from Ukraine in bed is.

Russian girls don’t speak about sex. They are ready for the bravest steps in a bedroom, but they aren’t ready to discuss it. Besides, they are often afraid to tell their partner what they don’t like and show him the right way. A slight movment is sometimes enough for both partners to feel pleasure. Russian girls don’t do this: they take the situation as it is, even if there are storms of indignation inside them.

‘For a sex with a Ukrainian girl to be unforgettable, one should constantly listen to what she talks about’, a client of ours shares his impressions. And there are other men who confirm that Ukrainian girls constantly demand attention and compliments in bed and sex . Surely, all women need to hear pleasant words, not depending on their nationality, but at the same time only Ukrainian beauties take the compliments to bed. It means that a sex will be of the same quality as the compliments before it.

All these conclusions about different behavior of Russian and Ukrainian girls in bed can be taken as disputable ones, and some of them can be even ungrounded. It is well-known that there are as many people as opinions. In other words, there are as many sexuality types as countries. Still there is a fact that men consider Slavic girls sexy and beautiful is obvious.