Naturally, women are different everywhere, and every woman has her own inimitable personality. However, it has been long ago noted that Russian women are opener than the other ones. For example, communication with American women first resembles a boxing match: one should ‘beat’ their backbone out them to understand who they really are. On the contrary, Russian girls are much opener. They tell about themselves and their feelings much more willingly, even if it’s about the most secret ones. For instance, unlike American and French girls, they discuss their past freely and dream about their future aloud. One has to strive for such openness for a long time, as if they are afraid of showing their less desired qualities. Russian ones speak openly. It may seem strange that their words sometimes sound too explicitly, but many men are thankful to them for such a sincerity

What main problems occur between an American man and a Russian wife? Where is mutual understanding lost?
If a Russian woman is dissatisfied with something she will say it at once. American ones (maybe because of their British roots) are apt to keeping silent, which leads to such an accumulation of emotions and being dissatisfied that a quiet conflict resolution becomes already impossible. Moreover, it’s a manner of not only American men, but of Americans at all. In this sense they are more tolerant. And Russian women speak at once: ‘I am not going to dine here’, ‘I don’t want to talk about it’, ‘I am tired of this music’ and so on. For many men it’s one of fundamental problems. It’s difficult for them to get used to the fact that it’s normal to say: ‘I don’t like this or that’, but not just think silently: ‘I don’t like it, but I’ll wait hoping that something will change or try to show my being dissatisfied sidewise.’ A Russian woman will say: ‘An awful music, switch on something else.’

Are cases of divorces between American men and Russian women often? Are there any reasons?
It’s impossible to answer on behalf of all Americans who married Russian wom, but without any exaggeration one may say that Russian women are the best wives. Maybe, they inherited it from their mothers but unlike many American women they put on their first place their family and children, but not a career. American women are totally unpredictable and they often don’t know how they want to be treated. On one side, they don’t want anybody to hold doors for them, as they think it humiliates them, on the other side they expect flowers and candies. And it may be difficult to understand with what kind of a woman you will go to a restaurant today: with the one who wishes to be treated equally or with a woman wishing to be treated as a lady.
In addition, Russian women have a more open outlook on life. They can imagine themselves in a role of a mother, a homemaker, and a woman having a career. American girls deny everything for the sake of career when they are 20. They are sure that they have to be equal with men somehow. Surely, we generalize: both in Russia and in the USA there are any human characters, but an experience of the majority of men is like that.
And one more point. When saying ‘a Russian woman’ we also mean Ukrainian women, as they are practically identical peoples. Similar mentalities, living conditions, views on life and on family give the right to repeat everything said before about Ukrainian brides, an acquaintance with whom is now not less popular among Europeans and American fiancés.