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Well first, Russia is a part of Eurasia, hence it inherited all the best from the cultures of Asia and Europe (respect to family, education and refinement – it means those very qualities which more and more often go to the background with our women).
Second, western women become more and more independent, too materialistic, pampered and demanding. Many of my companions emphasized that a Russian woman is more attentive, notable and kind, it means ‘homegrown’. In the West women long ago lost a desire to be liked by men, they are so self-sufficient that they just don’t need it. And a sense of Russian woman’s life is to be beautiful, to be liked, to be loved. A Russian woman is just a sea of warmth and fascination, charm and sexuality. She is not against being weak and dependent on her man at all. Not against being thankful for care of her and her children.
Third, the western women completely forgot how to tolerate and temporize. Growing up in a safe society they take their rights and the thing that they are not obliged to rough it at all for granted. The Russian women are brought up under different conditions: in cramped poor flats, in a state of overcrowding, when everybody depends on everyone and willing or not one should take those around you into account. In family life it determines a boundless tolerance and internal mobility without which any family can’t be happy.

Probably, herein lays the main difference between Russian and Western wife – in approach to family life. Citing: ‘In case of disagreements in any question a Western woman will always act in accordance with her own understanding of a right way out this situation. When she is sure in her rightness she will not take thought and contradict her husband’s actions. Even if she’ll meet her husband halfway, she’ll feel herself deeply unhappy and won’t let her husband forget for a second what a sacrifice she made’. A Russian woman will search for a compromise. That’s just her way of life. She will take reality and people, her husband in particular, as they are. Here is the whole secret.
And one more important parameter speaking well for the Russian wives – the Russian woman puts her family higher than her carrier.