Family and children are the classical values for any Russian woman. Make sure in this by yourself

What is she like – an ideal Russian wife? Read this article, probably you will find an answer to your question here.

Kitchen is another stronger point of Slavic brides. What is she like, a Russian woman in the kitchen?

A Russian girl in bed. What is sex and bed for a bride from Russia?


What Russian girl doesn't dream to become the best for her men? If she has already impressed her lover's by intellectual or culinary abilities, believe us, your "bed" skills will bring your images to perfection and will make your man crazy.
Everyone agree, that a passionate woman, which are the majority of Russian women, has more chances to be desired, than the woman, which is like a "log" in bed. Russian woman will always return for your passion.
It is considered that there are two types of Russian women. These types combine the psychological and physical characteristics.
The first type is named "romantic". Romantic Russian woman is a delicate nature. She is inactive, often passive, not only in her career, but also in sexual lives. They have a rather specific forms of figure, and their breasts can be small or very large. The interests of romantic women comply with their "sweet" image. They can do much, if they wish, but prefer to have some assurance of stability and success. This makes the romantic women to choose purely feminine social roles. For example, they are wives, secretaries, cooks, seamstresses. In sports they prefer exclusively "feminine" kinds of sports.

The second is sport type. Russian Woman of sports type does not necessarily demonstrate remarkable achievements in sport. In fact they are not interested in sport. But the Russian wives of this type accustomed to go to the victory. They are sufficiently active. Sometimes their activity in relations with the men turn into a real sexual aggressiveness. The lack of affection, which is sometimes observed in the sport women, is compensated by their immensity of imagination. The erotic fantasy of women-"champions" are very rich. And if they use them reasonably, such women can become the queens of sex.
Russian wives are very soft, gentle and calm in sex. But sometimes, in intimate moments, their maternal instinct awake. They start to treat to the partners with the tenderness, guarding them from excessive "loads". In the sexual games they like to use silk and feathers, but hate the ice. They generally relate with great caution to non-traditional or hardcore sex. But if the partner insists, they can agree for some experiments, but don't get any pleasure from it.

Many people think there is almost no difference between women from Russia and Ukraine, combining them into one notion of Slavic women. However, it has been not once proved that it’s not so. There is a certain difference, both in appearance and in character, in their relation towards family, a husband, and surely sex.