An integral part of the life of luxury sports stars of the world are not only expensive cars, fine dining, luxury mansions, luxury brand watches, branded clothing and footwear, but also charming companions. Summing up the results of 2011, the press notes that in love affairs Russian girls successfully shoot their arrows winning the hearts of the richest athletes in the world. The richest athletes in the world
The outgoing year has presented to fans of the eligible a good catch of the planet - Cristiano Ronaldo is not the most pleasant news. Many millions of fans of the one of the richest players in the world figured out that the heart of their sex symbol was finally won by the Russian model Irina Shayk. Cristiano Ronaldo is dating a famous beauty 1.5 years. Celebrities met on the set of advertisements. And in 2011 the lovers announced their engagement. The Russian model confidently won the famous Portuguese - Cristiano Ronaldo.
Fernando Alonso and Kseniya Tchoumitcheva
Another successful model with Russian roots Kseniya Tchoumitcheva in 2011 became a passion of double world champion in Formula 1 Fernando Alonso. As soon as Ferrari driver after five years of marriage broke up with his wife Raquel Del Rosario, the arrows of Cupid wounded his heart when he met a Swiss girl of Russian origin.
Kseniya Tchoumitcheva is a participant of "Miss Switzerland" and is recognized as a successful model.

Western tabloids pepper with messages about upheavals of stars’ fortunes: somebody marries, somebody divorces, some go passionate romancing in the public eye, others are caught red-handed within embraces of secret lovers. Stars join and part, give birth to children and pay aliments, find a new couple for themselves, and everything begins again. And in this Hollywood mess more and more often Russian family names are mentioned lately.
Just recently in American mass media messages appeared about the fact that the legendary comic Jim Carrey is going to get married. A student from Russia Anastasia Vitkina became Miss Right for the actor.
According to some reports, their romance began as far back as 2010 just after Carrey finished his five-year-long relationship with a comedian Jenny McCarthy.
Other Hollywood veteran’s, 60-year-old Mickey Rourke’s relationships with a Russian friend form themselves much better. His Missis Right is a blond model Anastasia Makarenko with whom he got acquainted in 2008 on New York fashion show. Since that time they are inseparable, 26-year-old beauty accompanies Rourke to all first performances and social events.
Jim Carrey, Mel Gibson, Mickey Rourke – it can appear an impression that the Russian girls attract only famous men, say of a certain age. But it is not so.
And an evidence for this is the 36-year-old Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias. He put his eye on the symbol of big tennis Anna Kurnikova. Moreover, long ago.