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In America now a saying is popular: ‘What is paradise? It’s an American salary, a Russian wife, an English house and Chinese food. What is hell? It’s a Chinese house, an English food, a Russian salary and an American wife’. In Europe there are different priorities but many men wouldn’t probably refuse Russian wife. Especially looking at their neighbors happy in marriages with women from Russia. We’ll at once exclude adventuresses with whom brave single men with a considerable bank account are often scared and Slavic girls who became wives to settle in Europe, America or other countries of the West from our survey. In the world there are very many family couples who joined not for money but for love.
Let’s try and puzzle out causes of occurrence of the Russian wives phenomenon.

Today in crowds of fiancées near embassies of various countries in Russia one can see not only young representatives of the fair sex, but women who are far than… The phenomenon of the ‘Russian wife’ became nearly common, presenting to foreign countries (in their majority) a practically definite stereotype of a woman maybe in its best understanding. A unique combination of patriarchal Slavic mentality with an original spice of soviet way of life; mix of femininity enslaving foreign men, special charm, beauty and attractiveness, loyality, a brought up through many generations necessity of ‘being married’ and unrestrained emotionality called in the whole world a ‘big Russian heart’. And it’s no matter what exactly nationality is the woman who came from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Moldova, anyway for a German, American or a French man she will be a ‘Russian wife’.

Why do women from CIS go abroad in search of their happiness? For this many opinions prevail and all of them have the right to exist. But the main reason is certainly a search of big love, family happiness, the one and only man who will be able to value, understand and love worthily!

It should not go unnoticed that a Russian woman’s beauty plays an important role for men. Rich natural genetic resource gifted the Russian and Ukrainian girls with tempting beauty, and a striving to be always beautiful even in the conditions of a cruel reality makes them the most sought-after fiancées in the world. Besides, Russian women are splendidly educated: in Russia a ratio of women doctors, teachers and engineers is higher than anywhere in the world – excluding only Bulgaria.

International marriages are impossible to fit in any statistics. Yes, there are very unsuccessful unions, but both sides are at fault in this. There are also very happy families which also is an achievement of both. Probably, the rightest thing in this case is not only to expect love but to know how to give it sincerely. When a man is moved by love, he will be ready to yield, meet his second halfway. Eventually, a man should also admit that his Russian wife also possesses her own culture and mentality and her behavior depends just on them.

Americans and Canadians, German and French, Italians and Australians, men from all countries and continents have been trying to understand a phenomenon of a Slavic woman for a long time. They give birth to hundreds of myths and gossips, post their own and other people’s life stories in blogs and forums, discuss, give advices to other people how to deal with such brides. What is their difference from the others?